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Git SVN setup

So I've been using Git-SVN for about a month at work now thanks largely to a gist put together by the magnanimous Lachlan Hardy. Honestly, if you are getting started and have a standard SVN layout, that has all you are gonna need. Naturally, where I work doesn't exactly have a standard layout so I had to adjust the instructions a little bit. I wanted to help explain to others how to handle these other variants I have encountered.

Getting the gist

I really like Gist, a lot. They are full on git repos and as such have version control, remote updating, all of the things you would expect out of a github repo including most of the social aspects. They also have the best syntax highlighting I have seen. Yes, there are other libs that do it in various languages, but I really like theirs and I like having my code in 1 place.

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