Caricature of headshot of Mike Cravey.

Hey y’all, my name is Mike Cravey. I'm a father, husband, teacher, and geek.

I'm a Principal UX Engineer at Expedia and when I'm not trying to make your travel experience better, I like to tinker with my dotfiles, try out new tools and sometimes I even build things.

I've recently started teaching computer science as a high school elective and as a STEM course to 6th graders. Teaching can be a lot of fun.

After spending years in Austin and a year abroad (ask me about my time in London), my family and I now live back in small town Texas where my wife and I grew up. You can usually find me scouting out decent coffee or food.

If you are interested in the tech used to build this site, check out the Colophon. If you are interested in the tools I like to use, check out the uses page.

Webmentions Support

All this talk about web standards and owning your own data inspired me to support webmentions on this blog. I'm not treading any new ground here, so I won't bother you with another post describing the process. Instead, I'd like to treat this more like a link farm, referencing those I learned from and where I chose to coincide with or deviate from. Maybe someone will find this useful when evaluating their own options.