Here's a current snapshot of the tools I use.


  • One of my favorite projects, I am constantly tinkering with my Dotfiles.
  • While I've tried Hyper a few times, and love the idea of it, I continue to use iTerm for it's stability and speed.
  • I use Dank Mono for my terminal as well.


  • VS Code is my editor of choice after years of Atom and Sublime Text before that. Some of my fav extensions/themes are:
    • Better Comments highlights lines based on the type of comment.
    • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 helps disambiguate the flying V of closing braces by coloring them to match their corresponding opening brackets.
    • File Icons helps provide some visual recognition to file types.
    • Import Cost displays the estimated size of the imported packages.
    • Settings Sync syncs settings, extensions, themes and more across multiple computers.
    • Shades of Purple puts my favorite color into daily practice.
    • Wrap Console Log wraps variables into console log, cause despite my desire to utilize debugging, I still reach for console.log first.
  • Prettier handles all my formatting needs.
  • It took quite a while for me to come around to it, but I'm on board with TypeScript.
  • ESLint now handles TS linting and Prettier integration.
  • Dank Mono is my current fav mix of mono-spaced, ligaturized, font for all my dev uses.

OS & Apps

  • I use MacOS for both work and personal.
  • Alfred App handles my snippets and clipboard history (along with other goodness) and some of my favorite workflows are:
    • Colors is useful for converting colors between formats (e.g., HSL, RGBA, Hex).
    • Coolers suggests color names based on the value.