Craveytrain progress content

So, as it makes sense, I'm gonna blog about the progression of my site. First things first, I am working on the content. First, I'm trying to write it. Nothing groundbreaking, but worthwhile, hopefully. The content is structured in HTML5 (hopefully semantically). Basic navigational elements? Check. Pithy Bio? Check. My profiles on other sites? Check. So what's missing?

Contact form for one. I got tired of fighting the spam battle, so now I just link to my profiles on other sites with social features. If you want to reach out to me and don't already have my contact info, hit me up on one of those networks. They do the hard work for me, so use them for what they are good for.

Portfolio. I'm not looking for work. There's not much to show in my portfolio that's particularly groundbreaking. So, it's gone, for now. Maybe it will be back when it's worth looking at. Until then, no need taking up space with it.

Still considering adding my twitter feed. Not sure if that brings much value to this site though. Especially since I tweet some of my new blog posts. Just not convinced of the value add.