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Hi, my name is Mike Cravey. I'm a father, a geek, and looking for my next gig. Feel free to reach out. When I'm not working, I play with my dotfiles repo and am constantly trying to find new tools/processes.

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While this site has cycled it’s tech stack a few times, it’s always been built on the hard work of the open source community. While it’s entirety is available on github, I would like to recognize the tools I am using now, as well as others I have used through the years, to build this site. Version 5 (current) 2012 - current This is the current version of the site and represents a lot of the go-tos in my current toolkit.



I am perennially playing with my dotfiles. This is one of my favorite projects.


I'm currently working on a chores tracker app for my family. This gives me a chance to get a little more hands on practice with a few of the more popular technologies: React, Redux, Websockets, and Webpack and hone development methodologies like TDD, immutable data, and pure functions.


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