While this site has cycled it’s tech stack a few times, it’s always been built on the hard work of the open source community. While it’s entirety is available on github, I would like to recognize the tools I am using now, as well as others I have used through the years, to build this site.

Version 5 (current)

2012 - current

This is the current version of the site and represents a lot of the go-tos in my current toolkit. I have tried several different static site generators, starting off with Octopress, tried out Github Pages, a bunch of aborted attempts of rolling my own, and eventually have settled on Hugo. Here’s my current set of tools:

  • Hugo: Go-based static site generator.
  • Digital Ocean: Quite reasonably-priced cloud hosting
  • NPM: Package manager extraordinaire
  • Postcss: Trying out a little alternative to Sass, Less, & Stylus these days
    • cssnext: Trying to learn the new and emerging syntaxes
    • cssnano: Appears to be latest and greatest css compressor
  • CloudFlare: DNS and performance tuning of the site.
  • Atom: I moved from Sublime to Atom after Sublime 3 was in beta longer than it’s plugins and just became frustrating.
  • ImageOptim: Great GUI for batch lossless compression of various image formats.
  • ImageAlpha: Still one of the best lossy PNG compressors that does PNG8+alpha transparency.
  • Gulp: While I often just go NPM scripts, this is handy for the metadata it uses about files. Plus, the plugin community is strong (and it’s a lot faster than Grunt).
  • Git: This tool has changed how I work and allows me to be productive no matter where I am.
  • Docker: Containerization has really simplified how I deploy and portability of my site.
  • ESLint: Linting protects and style checking makes my code conform to standards.
  • JSBeautify: I like my code looking consistent.
  • SVG: From svgo to svgstore, vector graphics have really crispened up my site.

Version 4

2009 - 2012

This is where this site gets a bit more relevant. I rebuilt this site several times and went from Wordpress (self hosted) -> Tumblr -> Wordpress (hosted) -> Django -> Rails -> Node (express). I believed I needed a big, powerful site to host all of my dynamic content. Hindsight is truly 2020.

Version 3

2005 - 2009

Aaahh, the discovery of Wordpress. The main topics here were more focused on food recipes and slow pitch softball. The one post that is preserved from this era is the Bidet post. Still my most popular post, ever.

Version 2

2003 - 2005

Movable Type. Aaahh… that was fun. I launched in this time. I have some, terrible, terrible blog posts that are not worth preserving, hence they are not here. This was before I was fully aware how long things would be on the internet.

Version 1

2001 - 2003

This was just built on blogger. I recall almost nothing about this site and there is, thankfully, no content available from it. This actually predates the domain.